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Custom Beverage Dispensing Backpack

Keg Club can make you custom designed backpacks to look like your bottle or can. Contact Keg Club for details.

Custom backpacks can be designed for food, beverages and promotional items.  Let your imagination go. 

Let us design a backpack dispenser to suit your needs and promotions! 

We can make custom design backpacks just for you. Make your backpack look like no one else’s. A custom made backpack makes your vendors stand out in a crowd and creates attention. 

What to remember before ordering a custom backpack

Decide on a color for the backpack. It is always best if you supply us an exact sample of the color you require. The only part of the backpack that wouldn’t be the custom color is the hip harness which are always black.

If you want us to make your backpack look like your beverage can or juice carton, then we would require sample of the product you want it too look like. 

When ordering custom backpacks then please allow 6 weeks for delivery. This is very important if you are planning to use the backpacks at an event or a field marketing program.

We've been using the Non-Carbonated Backpack for sampling both hot and cold beverages at universities and colleges nation wide. Temperature retention for both hot and cold beverages has been excellent. What an attention grabber!"  Our Nescafe program was a success.

-Brett Farren - Match Marketing