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Can & Bottle Dispensing Backpack

The Can & Bottle backpack is the easiest to use out of all of our backpacks. You simply pull the bottle or can out from the chute at the bottom and another one rolls into place. 

Dispense any type of bottles, aluminum cans, small beverage containers.

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This model is very simple to use and is practical and profitable. With this backpack all you have to do is fill the backpack with your beverage can or bottle of choice and sell. The Can & Bottle Backpack is great seller to concessionaires and vendors at stadiums, arenas, resorts, hotels and at festival or concerts just about anywhere. 

The backpack is designed like a vending machine. You unzip the lid and you will see the interior is divided into 2 sections with mesh pockets for ice packs dividing those sections.  You place your can or bottles in each section.   Zip and close everything back up and put on the backpack and you're ready to go. The bottles or cans easily come out the 2 dispensing chutes located at the bottom of the backpack. Once you pull one out, the next one rolls into place and is ready to be sold

The Keg Club Can & Bottle Backpack has helped increase incremental sales in the stadiums where we sell beverages. Not only that but our vendors are happy with the ease of use of the backpack and they were happy to get rid of the traditional trays.

-Cam Falk - ARAMARK Food and Beverage Services

Features Specifications
Removable plastic sign cover
Dimensions: 13.5 x 9 x 22 inches
2 dispensing chutes for 2 types of beverages Weight Empty: 9lbs
6 pocket money pouch allowing you to hold cups
Weight Full: up to 40 lbs
Zippered lid and sign area means no material wear
Sign Dimensions: 32.5 x 17 inches
Money Pouch  

Bottle or Can Sizes  
12 oz / 300 ml - Capacity 40  
16oz / 500ml - Capacity 35  
20oz / 710ml - Capacity 35  
500 to 710ml with sport cap or 12 to 20oz plastic bottles
500 to 700ml or 12 to 20oz cans  
Custom sizes available.