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Carbonated Beverage Dispensing Backpack

The Carbonated Backpack is a great sales tool for stadiums, arenas, resorts, auditoriums, sports facilities and more. They are much more profitable and practical than front carrying trays or cooler bags. All of our backpacks are ergonomically designed.

The carbonated backpack comes with a twelve volt regulating pump which controls the amount of co2 in the keg while the vendor is out in the field dispensing.  The whole unit consists of a dispensing hose & gun, cup dispenser, and money pouch.  It's very important to know that you will need to purchase a "Carbonated Keg Transfer Kit" separately.  You must perform a proper keg transfer in order to maintain beverage quality. We recommend one transfer kit for every 3 to 5 carbonated backpacks.

Don't forget, this backpack can easily be used as a Non-Carbonated backpack. All you need to do is order the hand pump for the non-carbonated.

The Keg Club Can & Bottle Backpack has helped increase incremental sales in the stadiums where we sell beverages. Not only that but our vendors are happy with the ease of use of the backpack and they were happy to get rid of the traditional trays.

-Cam Falk - ARAMARK Food and Beverage Services

Types of Beverages:

Carbonated Soft Drinks, Draft Beer, Mixed Drinks, Energy Drinks, Fruit Drinks, Spritzers, Soda

Features Specifications
Removable plastic sign cover Dim: 13.5 x 9 x 22 inches
6 pocket money pouch allowing you to hold cups Weight Empty: 11lbs
Zippered lid and sign area means no material wear Weight Full: 38 lbs
90% of the backpack is sign area Sign Dim: 20.50 x 26.75 inches
Money Pouch  
Dispensing Hose & Gun  

No. of servings per keg filled at 360 oz  
Size of Cup No. of Servings
5 72
6 60
8 45
10 36
12 30
16 22